15. 10. 2018

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Intervention in Zlin T. Bata hospital. Police investigating fraud management

12.10. 2016

Police confirmed that the Bata Regional Hospital intervened because of suspicion of fraud management. Provided evidence when investigating possible criminal offenses. (in Czech only)

Labour Ministry Case - Šiška Sentenced to Six Years

30.9. 2016

The Prague City Court sentenced ex-Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Affairs V. Šiška behind bars for his role in manipulating a welfare allowance payment contract. (in Czech only)

Rittig failed the Constitutional Court

26.8. 2016

The Constitutional Court rejected the complaint against Ivo Rittig Municipal Court in Prague, which allow him to extend his action to the Endowment Fund Against Corruption. (in Czech only)






  • 8. 10. 2018
    The Prague High Court today acquitted Vladimír Sitta Jr. of charges concerning alleged striping of assets in the case of the Neograph company.
  • 18. 9. 2018
    NFPK in conjunction with Prague’s University of Economics and Management, A-CSR and the UN GC National Network has presented a new concept of its educational project, known as the Anticorruption Academy.
  • 13. 9. 2018
    The Czech Government has presented its new strategy in fighting corruption in 2018-2022. This strategy offers a range of positive aspects, but has many shortcomings which NFPK will endeavour to help put right.
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