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27. 10. 2014

After a longer hiatus, here is some news again, concerning legal cases associated with the Anticorruption Endowment (NFPK). The start might sound discouraging but the end is positive.

After a longer hiatus, here is some news again, concerning legal cases associated with the Anticorruption Endowment (NFPK). The start might sound discouraging but the end is positive.

As the NFPK has reported (, the Prague High Court has returned the case: Ivo Rittig versus the Anticorruption Endowment to the Prague Municipal Court and requested that it completes the explanation of its verdict. Even though it happened way back in mid-September, we have not yet received the court’s decision in writing (and as the information on the website suggests, the respective file has not yet been returned to the first-instance court). The first-instance verdict, passed by Justice Tomáš Novosad, was detailed and thoroughly substantiated, while the oral explanation, provided by the High Court, was rather concise, meaning we are eager to be served a written justification.

In regard of the Karel Randák case, the Ministry of Justice was requested in May to make up for the damages caused by illegal criminal prosecution ( The Ministry informed us in writing that it actually received the request way back in September. Although it took the Ministry’s Damage Compensation Section four months to deliver a standardized, half-page reply to us, we still trust the Ministry will process the mater within the legal six-month period: otherwise it will have to pay also the court costs, which would arise should Karel Randák present his claim in court. We also believe—very sincerely—that the Ministry will subsequently seek damages from the police officers, who caused the loss.

Finally, the good news: In March we reported on the DPP case and prosecution of Mr. Vladimír Sitta ( We said that all of a sudden, after two years of prosecution, the public prosecutor concluded it was necessary to ensure that Mr. Sitta’s unimpeachable father receives back his entire share in Neograph, amounting to 50 %, and prevent him from voting at that company’s general meetings, this happening only one week before a scheduled general meeting. But now, following a motion by the Office of the Supreme State Prosecutor, the Minister of Justice has registered a request for protection of legality at the Supreme Court. Her Ministry explicitly stated that it sees a breach of law in suspending the exercise of voting rights at a general meeting. It is the first positive signal regarding this particular case, and hopefully it is not the last signal.

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ŘSD - Mobile Rail Guards

1.10. 2014

The NFPK learned some time ago that a branch office of the Road and Motorway Directorate (České Budějovice Administration), had called a public tender for delivery of mobile road guards to a section of Highway D3.

Na Homolce Hospital, two years after

25. 6. 2014

The NFPK can probably tick off just another case. Police have detained former director of Na Homolce Hospital Dr. Vladimír Dbalý.

The Ministry of the Environment bases ruling on CZK 0.5bn dispute on Šachta & Partners legal opinion

19. 6. 2014

The Ministry’s ruling earlier this spring was based on the legal opinion of Šachta & Partners, Attorneys-at-Law concerning administrative procedures regarding the case of electrical dumping.


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