Case of DPP


The Anticorruption Endowment (NFPK) alerted the public in early December 2011 to overpricing DPP tickets and noted that lobbyist Ivo Rittig is probably the ultimate beneficiary of CZK 0.17 per ticket, amounting to almost seven million CZK per annum. The NFPK also exposed the case of contract on a security system for the Prague Transport Company (DPP), so constructed as to allow siphoning off around 100 million CZK from the DPP. All relevant information was passed on to the bodies participating in criminal proceedings.

Time elapsed since the NFPK forwarded documents to the bodies participating in criminal proceedings, but potential culprits were not convicted as yet (yy/mm/dd):

0 8 0 1 1 4

Printing of Tickets

Comprehensive Security System

SPRINCOM and Comprehensive Security System for DPP

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