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Map of Czech Corruption Landscape

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In early 2012, the Anticorruption Endowment (hereinafter “NFPK” or “Endowment”) received from an anonymous sender a file containing several documents and graphs (diagrams), which attempted to map mutual personal and other links between prominent political figures and state administration bodies on one hand, and natural and corporate persons on the other, associated now or in the past with potentially clientelist, corruption-prone or criminal activities in the Czech Republic in the past 10-20 years. This author claimed his information comes from public sources the list of which is attached to the documents mailed. He noted the conclusions and information encompassed developments until 31 January 2012 and consequently did not capture more recent events.

Having studied and reviewed the diagrams, the NFPK decided publish them alongside supplementary commentaries (see below), explaining motivations for such activities, terminology describing these graphs, and calculations of the ‘weight’ (importance) of the various elements of each graph. Also published here is a verbal description of the associations and facts pertaining to the chief elements of each graph. It was our aim to highlight the voluntary, unselfish activities of anonymous citizens of the Czech Republic, as well as the various options offered by the application of scientific methods (theory of graphs) in analyzing vast quantities of data, and their mutual inter-relationships in the realm of socioeconomic systems.

The NFPK hereby declares that the information and verbal constructions in the present graphs and texts express the outcomes of the work of, and conclusions arrived at by, an anonymous author, whose identity is not known to the NFPK. The NFPK has merely studied and slightly corrected certain dates or formulations appearing in the original text.

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