Estimated public fund savings

Estimated public fund savings during the tenure of the Anticorruption Endowment

General estimate as at 26 January 2016:

2 billion and 200 000 CZK saved

+ 100 million CZK in private subject money each year


Cause identification
Estimated savings
DPP – Fare Ticket Printing
73 000 000 CZK
DPP – Public Order – Simple replacement of selected light sources with LED technologies
250 000 000 CZK
Na Homolce Hospital – lease of consignation storage space
61 000 000 CZK + at least 100 000 000 CZK / year in favour of private concerns
Na Homolce Hospital – legal services by MSB Legal
104 000 000 CZK
MPSV – Agenda information systems
1 500 000 000 CZK
ŘSD – Mobile centerline rail guards
at least 10 000 000 CZK
Pod Marjánkou Clinic
185 - 300 000 000 CZK for 30 years



The NFPK also attended many other cases where immediate fund savings, running into billions of crowns, cannot yet be enumerated this day. Chief among them are the cases, “Electrical Waste”, “State Opera Prague”, where the NFPK alerted former Prime Minister Petr Nečas on the serious consequences of the intended closure and selling off of that organization’s multimillion-crown assets, “Church Restitutions”, “Chamber of Commerce”, and many others. Last but not least, the NFPK alerted several European Union institutions on the misappropriation of considerable funds in the Czech healthcare system, which observances could ultimately help save billions of crowns for the system.

The method of setting an informed estimate of savings in regard of the various cases is stated in a supplement.