Positive examples

This section is devoted to courageous men and women who protect the interests of society and alert the public about depravities and shady practices even at the risk of losing money, job and good health.

“The Sea is a Gentle Mistress…”

8. 11. 2018
It takes a tough guy to find the courage to fight back against unlawful proceedings, on high seas. Jaroslav Hornof found such courage aboard a German-flagged ship, where he was a systems engineer.

Won’t sell mandate, shuns cushy jobs and his conscience is clear

16. 1. 2017
A bribe certainly need not be given in the run-of-the-mill, cash-in-envelope shady way. An offer of a cushy job and miscellaneous perks may also be a way to bribe somebody. Police have started investigations of suspected corruption in a case that occurred in Most.

Battle with solar mills

3. 11. 2015
You might still recall the support the government gave at the start of the new millennium to solar power projects, designed to encourage owners of weekend cottages and country houses to acquire small, self-contained sources of solar electricity and to sell any surplus output to the national power grid. At that time the State guaranteed a very attractive electricity-purchase price—so attractive in fact that within the next three years, green fields began teeming with massive solar panel plantations and investors worked overtime to out-compete one another with construction projects. By 2009 the government was intent on curbing the undesirable expansion of giant photovoltaic parks and announced future cuts in electric power-purchasing prices. However, because of the government’s incompetence, the planned reductions were approved as recently as from 1 January 2011, the long-overdue action having been preceded in 2009-2010 by enormous pressures from investors on the panel builders and local governments to quickly obtain building licences and put solar power plants in place before the expiry of the state support scheme.

He tried to heal Prague Transport Company, but lost his job

12. 12. 2013
Prague Transport Company (DPP) is a familiar turf for many Prague politicos. Fearless people who try to put things in order and alert the public on public contract manipulations are being fired and exposed to pressure bordering health damage. This is the story of Lukáš Wagenknecht, who was chief of internal audit for six months.

Corrupt elements caught in the act of taking bribe

14. 11. 2013
Mr. Martin Pecka is the owner of Auta Motol. He has spent many years selling automobiles, tackling problems big and small, and dealing with people of every hue and description. He encountered and solved almost anything, but a five-year-old episode keeps coming to mind.

Refused to give a CZK 50mn bribe

10. 10. 2013
Czech Canadian George Formandl kept his composure and worked with the police to apprehend a man who asked for a bribe in return for effecting change to the Prague territorial plan.

Bribe rejected, corrupt elements indicted with help

11. 6. 2013
On 10 April 2013, two labour office inspectors entered the I Love Mama restaurant and requested all staff to produce their working papers. Ludmila Kaštilová, who was present the scene, told the inspectors all original copies of such documentation would be provided by her husband, Tomáš Kaštil. The inspectors were not satisfied with her explanation and demanded that the contracts be immediately produced or a 250,000 CZK fine would be meted out. Ludmila Kaštilová could produce only part of the contracts in electronic form and asked the two men for permission to visit a nearby office, where the rest of the documents were deposited. Her request was sternly denied and she was asked to instantly produce the remaining documents.

Courageous teachers of Christian Doppler Grammar School in Prague

22. 12. 2011
Teachers Jarmila Samirová and Blanka Dryková have reported a breach of binding rules and other malpractices at the Christian Doppler Grammar School in Prague. Although their findings were confirmed by the Czech School Inspection, they were subjected to pressure and bullying. In the end their lost their jobs.