Press Releases

Will the elections in Strakonice be fair?

11. 12. 2019
A court has ruled that the elections to the local authority in Strakonice must be repeated on Saturday 14 December 2019. The ruling by the Regional Court in České Budějovice shows that the Strakonice council, endowed with powers that allowed it to influence the key means of electoral campaigning, has deliberately abused these powers for a long time, thus creating a situation in which political entities standing for local election were unable to use the key means of electoral campaigning ahead of the October 2018 elections, in accordance with the principle of free, fair and equal competition among political parties.

The Anti-Corruption Endowment Prizes for Courage awarded for the ninth time

9. 12. 2019
On International Anti-Corruption Day each year, the Anti-Corruption Endowment (NFPK) recognises with Prizes for Courage figures who are unafraid to call out instances of corruption or possible clientelism. The prizewinners for 2019 are Hana Naiclerová and the associations Za krásnou Olomouc z.s. and Vimpersko z.s. The Endowment has awarded them grants of 44,944 Kč, 30,528 Kč and 20,736 Kč.

Non-governmental organisations warn against dilution of the plan to introduce the territoriality of enforcement officers

5. 12. 2019
The undersigned non-governmental organisations, whose mission is to fight corruption, warn strongly against proposals by some to weaken two bills that introduce the territoriality of enforcement officers.

Anticorruption Academy at the Freedom Festival

4. 10. 2019
The Anticorruption Endowment (NFPK) organised an Anticorruption Academy today at the Automotive and Information Technologies Secondary School in Prague’s Hostivař borough, for the first time as part of the Freedom Festival, held by the organisations Post Bellum (Memory of the Nation), Díky, že můžem and Nerudný

A recording of the whole discussion on Territoriality of enforcement officers as a weapon against corruption

16. 9. 2019
A recording of the whole discussion is available at the link below. As a summary of the event, we note in brief the points made by individual speakers and in the subsequent discussion.

Territoriality of enforcement officers as a weapon against corruption

11. 9. 2019
The Anticorruption Endowment (NKPF) yesterday held a panel discussion, Territoriality of enforcement officers as a weapon against corruption, which clarified for the expert and general public the arguments for and against the introduction of territoriality to the work of Czech enforcement officers. Those who accepted the invitation included Miroslav Paller, president of the Slovak Chamber of Enforcement Officers (SKE); Vladimír Plášil, president of the Czech Chamber of Enforcement Officers (ČEK); and Petr Kučera, a enforcement officer and advocate of territoriality. The NFPK’s position on the issue was presented by the Endowment’s legal expert, Ondřej Závodský.

Lobbyists tamper with anti-lobbying legislation

7. 8. 2019
Last week, the government passed an “anticorruption” bill against lobbying. The Anticorruption Endowment (NFPK) has long promoted this legislative effort. In the framework of the Commission on Lobbying, attached to the Government Council against Corruption (RVKBK), we have proposed that the bill contain a key provision that regulates lobbying activities in the presidential environment. The Ministry of Justice and the Government Legislative Council have both independently arrived at the same conclusion, which was subsequently endorsed by the RVKBK, a body of leading authorities in this field. However, following intervention by an anonymous lobbyist, associated with the President’s Office, the Czech government silently deleted this point from the agenda. This development, in conjunction with the shortcomings listed below, will effectively prevent the law from meeting its purpose. We consider this step an infringement upon the very substance of the RVKBK and resolutely reject it, since we still consider this specialist forum a worthwhile endeavour.

Time for oligarchs, lackeys and foes

26. 6. 2019
At a mews conference today, the Anticorruption Endowment (NFPK) presented and launched the book, Time for Oligarchs, Their Lackeys and Foes, written by NFPK lawyer Ondřej Závodský. As tradition dictates, this publication has no godfather or patron, since fighting “godfathers” of any hue in public life is the core mission of the Anticorruption Endowment.

How not to drown František Mráček?

23. 5. 2019
The case of František Mráček, a NFPK Prize for Courage awardee, made a quantum leap forward today. Prague 5 District Court upheld his case against the Central Bohemian Region, seeking damages and back-payments for the period in which he found himself unlawfully demoted from his position. His case is a further evidence showing that a corruption whistleblower’s life is not easy and they often face a great amount of bullying.

DPP case not over, story goes on

17. 5. 2019
The “ticket affair” of Prague’s DPP public city transport company today resulted in meting out a verdict at the Prague Municipal Court, pending appeal. The court found no criminal offence occurred and acquitted the defendant. The public prosecutor instantly appealed against the verdict. The Anticorruption Endowment (NFPK) trusts the court of appeals will find that a criminal act happened and take into consideration also the wiretap evidence dismissed by the first-instance court. We will carry on exposing problematic activities on the part of the DPP that we believe continue even under its new management. We have today published a map of the DPP’s new contract partners, including defendant Jansta, waste economy warlord Kočka, or lawyer Květoslav Hlína