Prize for Courage

In this section of our website you will find information about reporters awarded by the Anticorruption Endowment. One of our main goals is to see to it that all cases we have published are properly resolved and not “swept under the carpet”. Therefore we deal only with a limited number of cases. We hope you will understand.

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Hana Naiclerová

9. 12. 2019
An opposition councillor in Prostějov, it was trust in the programme of the ANO party that brought her into politics. In this she saw the hope that, after years of corruption and siphoning off funds from public budgets, things could change. But as ANO introduced non-democratic practices, and Hana found it impossible to achieve the manifesto objectives for which she was elected to the council, she left ANO in 2016 and has since been independent.

Za krásnou Olomouc

9. 12. 2019
The association criticises the bad and praises the good that make the natural and living environment. In recent years, the association’s members have organised talks, film screenings, walks and exhibitions, and regularly awarded Prizes for Superior Efforts in Architecture and Town Planning in and around Olomouc. Many of the events organised by the association address the topical and pressing issues in the city. They make open discussion possible, in which expert opinions can be heard and the arguments presented are to the point, without simplistic shortcuts or invective.


9. 12. 2019
Vimpersko associates people in and around the town of Vimperk, serving as one of the pillars of local civil society and drawing attention to cases where the law has been circumvented. For instance, the deputy major gave major preferential treatment to a company he owned, and the town sought to support a controversial project threatening a local forest park, without presenting any credible argument for doing so. As elsewhere, life is not easy for civil society activism in Vimperk.

Jana Moravcová

11. 12. 2018
Jana Moravcová is a type of energetic lady who pursues a goal and stands by her views. As a student, she decided to devote her professional efforts to the protection of the environment. The graduate of the Charles University Faculty of Sciences accepted a senior reginal post at the Czech Environmental Inspectorate (ČIŽP). She rose through the ranks to the position of the head of the organization and assumed an impartial attitude to the many affidavits, requests and submissions, as required by her senior post. In many cases she encountered clientelist liaisons accompanying certain cases and disputes. Undeterred, she always promoted the case of nature protection, although it was often clear that the investor will pursue his goal with whatever means he has at his disposal. The best-known cases Jana Moravcová was personally involved in include the problematic launch of a distillery at Trmice near Ústí nad Labem, where ČIŽP was the only authority capable of withstanding political and agrarian pressures and openly siding with the public, who complained of an unbearable stench. In the aftermath of this case, debates followed long into Jana Moravcová’s departure from the Inspectorate: Negotiations were underway on the overhaul and reinstatement of the distillery and the Inspectorate repeatedly called for technical and operational adjustments to prevent the public from the odour. Behind-the-scenes talks were conducted, on behalf of the investor, by the Ústí Regional governor, Mr Šulc (ODS). Pressures on Jana Moravcová and her office were strong, but the inspectorate took a negative stance, based on expert views.

Lukáš Blažej

11. 12. 2018
The 22-year-old law student from Ústí nad Labem did not miss a single city council meeting in four years. But in 2015 he stuck a thorn in the flesh of certain politicos and bureaucrats, when several ANO city fathers sacked their own mayor and the whole city management. The local ANO cell was disbanded post haste. Blažej noticed that shortly before that episode, department chiefs had shared among themselves 451,000 crowns’ worth of bonuses. Some got up to 45,000 CZK each, others wound up penniless. Suspecting it might be a bonus for party loyalty, he requested information on who got what. The city council declined to provide any information; Lukáš Blažej appealed against the verdict, the appeals court annulled the verdict, Lukáš Blažej again appealed, the appeals court again dismissed his motion… et cetera, ad nausea, seventeenth times to this date. Blažej eventually filed a lawsuit but no ruling has been made thus far.

Permanent – a civic association

11. 12. 2018
Permanent has for years fended for the interests of Nymburk residents against the zinc plant, owned by the firm AZOS, later renamed APP s.r.o. The association’s activists initially minded an unacceptable odour and harmful combustion products in the air. Later they learned that the zinc plant was never actually approved and now they are exploring legal ways that would help them to stop the operation. They have scored some impressive successes along the way.

Miloslava Pošvářová

12. 12. 2017
Transport construction expert Miloslava Pošvářová must be a menace to those who intentionally build whacky roads, bridges and walks and don’t give a damn to how they are maintained. Those who siphon off public funds and don’t maintain structures the use of which might even be lethal. Miloslava Pošvářová comes hot on their heels. She undauntedly points her finger on those responsible and can tell you where public money has vanished without a trace. She is adamant on that, although she has been endlessly adviced to shut up and toe the line. But Mrs Pošvářová has always resisted such things and become the “Black Mamba”. Which is odd as this undaunted whistleblower always suggests concrete proposals and many useful recommendations . She always means it and works to get it, to begin with.

Jakub Čech

12. 12. 2017
Jakub Čech is, by virtue of his uncompromising stance on the suspect economic performance of the City of Prostějov is, at an age of 17, a paragon of inspiration for not only his peers at the time when a part of the Czech society has lost hope that something at all might get better. His efforts helped to bring under the microscope the doings of Prostějov politicians and actors behind the scenes. Their reaction was swift and Jakub started to face pressure. But unbroken, he pursues the good thing.

ROMEA, o.p.s.

12. 12. 2017
ROMEA has long faced threats as the result of what it is doing in dire conditions. ROMEA people are on a mission. They monitor issues including political corruption in excluded localities, defend vulnerable citizens when their fundamental human rights are at stake, and stand out strongly against the business of poverty.

Jiří Kotek

9. 12. 2016
Few people in in the history of the Czech Republic seem to be as enduring and steadfast a “troublemaker” who would so dauntlessly disrupt the set ways, or rather colossal disorders. Czech Television reports on his unending struggle with corruption and clientelism in Karlovy Vary show him sporting a Stetson leather hat, the kind worn by heroes in the American Western movies. The hat tells the story. Karlovy Vary is a kind of blend of the Czech “Wild West”, informed by eastern mentality. The Magnificent Seven probably would not be up to such an unlikely combination. Indeed, Jiří Kotek virtually stands alone—for many years—in his fight against the local political-business clique of white collars.