19. května 2016 | News

Chybějící údržba Libeňského mostu způsobila rozsáhlé škody

The Capital City of Prague has incurred massive damage, running into hundreds of millions of crowns, due to the sorry state of management and maintenance of Libeňský Bridge. Over the past 25 years there have been made and provided many serious recommendations, diagnostic reports and expert opinions concerning the need to act fast in order to eliminate the circumstances that lead to the degradation of Libeňský Bridge. However, the recommendations and findings, primarily concerning measures to prevent water leaks through the roadway, have been largely ignored. One indeed has to wonder if mere negligence was the overriding factor. Since the scope of the damage is readily apparent even to the lay observer, a thorough analysis of all background inputs and data available has led to the filing of a collective complaint, jointly formulated by Janusz Konieczny from the Anticorruption Endowment (NFPK), Matěj Stropnický of the Green Party, Ondřej Profant of the Czech Pirate Party, and Adam Scheinherr from the Don’t Demolish or Broaden Libeňský Bridge activist group. The bodies participating in criminal proceedings will receive the complaint in a form supported by an educated opinion of Miloslava Pošvářová, a forensic expert in the field of civil engineering.  

On 6 May 2016, a complaint against an unknown delinquent was filed in light of massive damage ensuing from the lack of proper management and maintenance of Libeňský Bridge. In order to ascertain expertise and insight on a vast scale of problems, the bodies participating in criminal proceedings will need to work upon an expert opinion, to be provided and funded by the “Shadow Road and Motorway Directorate”. The said complaint comprises some of the preliminary conclusions and findings made by this shadow entity. The expert, Miloslava Pošvářová, a forensic authority on transport construction and bridge projects, notes: “The essence of the present expert opinion is to give the answers to the question if the contractor manager of the road and bridge, namely TSK Technical Administration of Capital City Prague Roads, has displayed activities, since 1992, which are necessary within the scope of applicable standards and regulations, was governed by the conclusions ensuing from expert opinions and analyses, the scope of works reported by TSK actually corresponds with the actually necessary repair works, and whether it was really impossible to prevent the damage to the bridge and the ensuing damages running into hundreds of millions of crowns.” Her expert opinion also evaluates the extant methodology of assets management and the approach of the bridge owner, namely the Capital City of Prague. But strangely, TSK has in the past commissioned affidavits to the tune of tens of millions of crowns, and one must ask if they were really necessary and if so, why these findings have not been exploited.

“The Libeňský Bridge case is a showcase example of system dysfunctionality in the field of management and maintenance of bridges and constructions. In case of repairs, most of them are completely uniformed of considerations about a different service life of different parts of the construction project. Nor is there an adequate financing plan, as the result of which factors the state is losing enormous financial means,” explains Janusz Konieczny, analyst of the Anticorruption Endowment (NFPK).

“I am convinced that the worsening condition of the Libeňský Bridge played into the hands of certain groups and ultimately was used as a suitable pretext for tearing the bridge down. Now the Capital City of Prague has to pay for an unnecessarily expensive reconstruction project,” says Matěj Stropnický, Chairman of the Green Party.

“I am astonished to see how far this situation was allowed to go. I must repeatedly ask what the city’s transport councillors were up to. Hasn’t anyone in the city hall really paid attention to bridges? I can understand that their plans were uneconomical and megalomaniac, but I don’t get it why they were prepared to halt even the most elementary maintenance for the sake of their plans,” says Prague Councillor Ondřej Profant from the Pirate Party.

“From the start of our concerns over the Libeňský Bridge affair, we discerned a poor technical condition, due to zero maintenance. Regrettably, our calls went unanswered, and we have therefore launched a petition, which was ultimately signed by some 2,000 citizens. It calls for the immediate start of necessary repairs of the Libeňský Bridge, which would prevent further dilapidation and pave the way to commissioning a quality bridge reconstruction project,” says Adam Scheinherr from the Don’t Demolish or Broaden Libeňský Bridge activist group.



Janusz Konieczny, Analyst, Anticorruption Endowment (NFPK), tel.: 604 270 132, 

e-mail:       janusz.konieczny@nfpk.cz

Ondřej Profant, Chairman, Prague Regional Association of the Czech Pirate Party, tel.: 607 580 015,

e-mail:       Ondrej.Profant@praha.eu

Matěj Stropnický, Chairman, Green Party, tel.: 605 344 748,

e-mail:       Matej.Stropnicky@praha.eu

Miloslava Pošvářová, Civil Engineer and Forensic,

e-mail:       posvarova@stinoversd.cz

Adam Scheinherr, Founder, Don’t Demolish or Broaden Libeňský Bridge activist group, tel.: 776 771 913,

e-mail:       adam.scheinherr@email.cz