6. června 2016 | News

Jiří Chytil: Bude JUDr. Dagmar Máchová obviněna?

Monday Comment

The Opencard case has quite radically changed my life. In the course of two years, I was alternately a witness and associate of an anticorruption unit, accused, unemployed, defendant and convict—all this because of my determination to challenge the mighty and help the police expose one of Prague’s major corruption affairs. It should be noted that in January 2010, an anticorruption unit officer promised me a status of secret witness, as the investigation of the Opencard scum got under way, which would be confirmed those present there at the time (Jan Urban and Dr. Jana Ryšlinková)

Based on this status, I marked, before a planned police search at the Prague City Council, several offices and computers, thought to conceal additional key evidence on the case.

Then a U-turn occurred. The search at the Prague City Hall was postponed by six days (according to a finding by GIBS), which delay, in my opinion, could have been a sufficient span of time for manipulating this evidence.

In spite of my efforts to expose the Opencard case, I was sentenced by Prague’s High Court, in December 2014, to one-and-a-half-year term, suspended on a probation period of two years, whereas Public Prosecutor Dagmar Máchová stated in her final speech before the Prague City Court on 10 February 2014, among other things, that:

“I deem it appropriate to state the following circumstances, concerning the defendant, Ing. Chytil and his public pronouncements: Never for the duration of the criminal proceedings, including the pretrial stages did the defendant help in any significant way to shed light on the criminal activity committed…”

The Chamber of Deputies Commission of Investigations into the manner, in which the Opencard project was conducted, arrived at some of the following conclusions in a resolution of November 2014:

Item 3: In compliance with the provision of § 48 paragraph 9 of its Code of Proceedings, the Commission of Investigations has instructed its Chairman, Bronislav Schwarz, to file a criminal complaint against the Supervising Public Prosecutor, JUDr. Dagmar Máchová on suspicion of committing a criminal act, “abuse of official powers”, and/or other, further unspecified criminal action, occurring in connection with the execution of supervision in the Opencard case.

The media (www.novinky.cz) has lately quoted spokesperson for the Prague Public Prosecutor Štěpánka Zenklová as saying:

“Dr. Máchová’s office has been sealed since Wednesday evening. From 9 AM on Thursday, a search took place there, being completed before noon...” and also that “her supervisors removed JUDr. Dagmar Máchová from all other criminal cases…”

I would also like to point out that my appeal against the verdict, by which I seek vindication at the Supreme Court in Brno, has not been decided about since March 2015, because that court is overburdened.

I must therefore ask what turn the investigation of JUDr. Dagmar Máchová will take. Will she be charged?

Jiří Chytil - whistleblower, he was awarded the Prize for Courage 2013