The state has given its blessings to a new monopoly on the electrical waste market and the Ministry of the Environment is working to consolidate that. The ministry is drafting a bill on reclaiming products past their useful life with the…
15. června 2012 |

NFPK nechybuje v kauze „elektroodpady“ a nehodlá se omlouvat

The Anticorruption Endowment’s 15 March 2012 press release, Billions vanish in electric waste liquidation (Miliardy mizí při likvidaci elektroodpadu) produced a somewhat irritated response by most companies mentioned in that document. NFPK firmly stands by the information and conclusions presented by the said press release, as well as by the answers published in the May issue of trade magazine Odpadové fórum and cannot see why it should apologize. I actual fact we publish an extended version of our press release with additional information.

Let us repeat that the “electric waste” case is about the way “recycling and collection firms” handle so-called recycling fees, paid by anyone buying an electric appliance ( about CZK 45 for a DVD player, and some 300 crowns for a new refrigerator with a capacity of more than 40 kilograms). These fees should help cover the costs of collection, shipment and environmentally friendly disposal of electric equipment past its useful service life (electric waste). The Anticorruption Endowment (NFPK) has calculated that these companies must have accumulated at least eight billion crowns’ worth of available assets on their bank accounts, because only about 20% of all discarded electrical equipment gets recycled (See below for detailed calculation.).

In reaction to the abovementioned press release, the NFPK was accused e.g. by the Consumer Electronics Association that its text betrayed a “lack of basic knowledge about this issue”. We react by releasing the text of a more detailed report below as well as our comments and calculations published in the May issue of Odpadové fórum. Further to allegations about mistakes in our statement we refer the reader to the text of the Strategic Analytical Document on the Use of Secondary By-products (compiled by IEEP, VŠE and EKOKOM) from November 2011, namely p. 314 and Table 59 – “Import of Electrical Equipment according to ČSÚ Statistics”, provided to us by the Ministry of Industry and Trade on the basis of data by the Czech Statistical Office (ČSÚ). It should be noted that the ČSÚ is a central organ of state administration and its head is entitled to attend meetings of the Czech government. We assume these data are not wrong.  The other facts we arrived at directly ensue from data and statements provided by the companies concerned.

It should be also noted that our data on the average value of redemption of defunct electrical equipment in 2006-2010 amounts to approximately 20 percent. This is a simple average of five input values. Again, these values ensue directly from the data provided by the companies concerned.

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