29. června 2016 | News

NFPK s Neovlivní.cz

The Anticorruption Endowment (NFPK) has decided to support content projects pursued by on-line daily Neovlivní.cz. NFPK’s financial backing will cover not less than four Neovlivní.cz projects at once, designed to map influence in politics and business.

Sabina Slonková is a guarantee of investigative journalism of high quality and I expect that very interesting volatile outcomes will be published. Content-wise such topics are very close to what the Anticorruption Endowment is after. Their common denominator is corruption in public space and abuse of entrusted powers,” NFPK founder Karel Janeček says of the endowment’s support to the project.

Editor-in-Chief of Neovlivní.cz Sabina Slonková has declared that support from the NFPK is of great value to her daily: “We sincerely appreciate that. Thanks to support from the Endowment, we can expedite the achievement of the goals we set up for ourselves. All projects are concerned with key players in Czech politics over the past 20 years; we also want to reopen unclarified cases associated with Václav Klaus and Miloš Zeman. However, one of the most powerful politicians of our era, Andrej Babiš, is also subjected to scrutiny.”

The Anticorruption Endowment is a fully independent initiative by people radically unprepared to accept a high level of corruption in state administration. One of our goals is to help expose corruption in state administration and support projects exposing corruption.

Neovlivní.cz is an independent daily, investigating influence and people. Our mission is to furnish readers with as yet undisclosed developments, to describe the undescribed, identify new trends and separate corn from chaff in news reporting.

Contact please: Linda Majerová, Director of NFPK, tel.: 734 315 353, e-mail: linda.majerova@nfpk.cz, Sabina Slonková, Editor-in-Chief, Neovlivní.cz, e-mail: slonkova@deadlinemedia.cz