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NFPK zveřejňuje usnesení GIBS

The Anticorruption Endowment (NFPK) has published today the text of a resolution by the General Inspectorate of Security Corps (GIBS) concerning the investigation of information leaks from a police operation planned by the Olomouc branch of the Unit for Combatting Corruption and Financial Crime (ÚOKFK).

Data leaks from police files, leading to quick and easy frustration of long-term efforts exerted by crime-busting experts, stand out as one of the cardinal obstacles to the performance of elite police units. Serious criminal cases often remain unresolved due to information leaks. One such leak occurred in the case of manipulated IT contracts that made police raid the premises of several concerns, including Tesco SW Inc, on 30 September 2014. However, one day before the police raid, a Tesco SW employee received a warning message from a German-registered SIM card. GIBS have dealt with the incident and although it was impossible to identify the culprit, it obtained a range of relevant findings, which were anonymously delivered to the NFPK. The Anticorruption Endowment (NFPK) has released the text of the resolution on the investigation of this issue on its website.

The key person in explaining the complex affair was an employee of the Czech embassy in Berlin, who bought three German SIM cards. She was identified as she had to produce her IDs when purchasing the SIM cards. Her husband later brought these German SIM cards to the Czech Republic but ten lost them, he testified. Detectives doubted the credibility of this testimony because the witness stated several mutually contradicting versions of what happened. If that person’s final testimony was to be deemed truthful, it would mean that in the event, the lost SIM cards took a roundabout way to reach the culprit, who used them to disclose classified information about the police raid. Crime experts also wondered how this case is associated with Police President Tomáš Tuhý, as both his ex-wife and current girlfriend appear in the scenario, as shown in the chart below.

Enclosure: GIBS Resolution (in Czech only)


Kauza úniků informací z policejních spisů (zjednodušené schéma)

Data leaks from police files (simplified)

Partnerka policejního prezidenta

Police President’s spouse



Společenský kontakt a telefonická komunikace

Social contacts and phone calls

Bývalá manželka policejního prezidenta

Police President’s ex-wife

Tomáš Tuhý, policejní prezident

Tomáš Tuhý, Police President

Telefonická komunikace

Phone calls

Jana J., bývalá mluvčí 2 vládních úřadů

Jana J., was spokesperson for two government offices

Do tohoto telefonu byla vložena telefonní karta exmanželky policejního prezidenta

Phone card of Police President’s ex-wife inserted in this telephone

Úřednice české ambasády v Berlíně

Czech embassy official in Berlin


Husband and wife

Společné podnikání a úzká provázanost

Joint business plans and close relationship

Během cesty do ČR jsem záhadně ztratil 2 SIM karty „… … 015“ a „… …312“. Netuším, co se s nimi pak dělo.

I inexplicably lost 2 SIM cards on my way to Czech Rep: … … 015“ and “… …312”. I have no idea what happened to them next.

Fotograf manžel úřednice české ambasády v Berlíně

Photographer husband of Czech embassy clerk in Berlin

Nákup německé SIM karty

German SIM card purchased

Německá SIM karta

German SIM card

Telefonická komunikace

Phone call traffic

Obviněný v kauze podezřelých IT zakázek

Accused in suspect IT contract case

Policejní razie (30. 9. 2014) v kauze podezřelých IT zakázek za půl miliardy Kč

Police raid (30. 9. 2014) over suspected IT contracts worth half a billion CZK

Únik citlivých informací

Sensitive information leaked



Pozor! Zítra si přijdeme pro tátu. (29. 9. 2014)

Beware; we’ll take your dad tomorrow (29. 9. 2014)

David Tesařík, člen představenstva ve společnosti TESCO SW, a.s. (do listopadu 2013)

David Tesařík, member of board, TESCO SW a.s. (till December 2013)

Martin Tesařík, bývalý hejtman a senátor

Martin Tesařík, former Governor and Senator

Zdroj informací: Lidové noviny

Information source: Lidové noviny


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