10. června 2016 | News

Stanovisko NFPK k posledním událostem na Policii ČR

The reshuffle of key police units, a much-discussed affair in the expert community and general public, indicates an effort to eliminate the Unit for Combating Organized Crime (ÚOOZ), headed by Robert Šlachta, who has now asked to be relieved of his duties as a police officer. Several suspect circumstances mark the process.

Chief of them is the absence of public and expert discussion, which would normally precede such a radical change. Senior officials of Public Prosecution and the police units concerned have not been invited to join the debate on the planned restructuring effort. A truly “blitz” method was applied instead to the plan the existence of which was denied by the Ministry of Interior till the last moment. The performance of the ÚOOZ has been of high quality in recent years and information leaks have not occurred. It should be especially noted that Supreme Public Prosecutor Pavel Zeman has warned against the “lowering of quality standards, delays and protractions, dissolving of responsibilities and even impossibility to investigate certain complex cases”.

We duly recognize that the change is fully within the province of duties discharged by the Police President. However, the uniquely tragic, unprofessional way of communication, demonstrated by the Police of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of the Interior, leads to the conclusion that the actual objective of the merger as announced is an attempt, on the part of these quarters, to destabilize and truncate the independence of the ÚOOZ and its elite investigators, who have demonstrated their qualities in disclosing serious cases but now massively apply for permission to leave the police ranks.

We trust that the reorganization will not eventually proceed in the manner as announced and elite investigators will retain their positions. Otherwise the investigation of live cases could be jeopardized. We also trust that any radical changes will in future be thoroughly discussed with all parties concerned.

The Anticorruption Endowment is a fully independent initiative by people radically unprepared to accept a high level of corruption in state administration. One of our goals is to help expose corruption in state administration and support projects exposing corruption.

Karel Janeček, Founder and Chairman of the NFPK Board of Trustees

Stanislav Bernard, Founder and Deputy Chairman of the NFPK Board of Trustees

Jan Kraus, Founder and Deputy Chairman of the NFPK Board of Trustees

Radim Jančura, Member of the NFPK Board of Trustees

Karel Randák, Member of the NFPK Board of Trustees

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