22. září 2016 | News

Trestní oznámení v souvislosti s hradeckou černou stavbou

The Anticorruption Endowment (NFPK) has filed a criminal complaint against the conduct of the CTP Invest and PSG companies, which have been trying to obtain a predated permit to go ahead with an illegal development project in Hradec Králové.      

The firm CTP Invest started building a vast commercial facility in Hradec Králové, in December 2014, at variance with a territorial planning decision and without a building permit. In 2015 the company requested the extension of an area planning decision, previously issued on behalf of another firm, but no decision had been taken, concerning that firm’s project. CTP Invest ignored subsequent orders to suspend work and went on building despite fines meted out against it. The City had also revoked permits, granted in 2007 in connection with the implementation of another project not realized. In December 2015 the City received a letter from CTP Invest, offering a donation of seven million crowns in exchange for expressing consent and issuing a predated construction permit. In February 2016 the City Fathers received an identical offer from a subcontractor working for the said company. The firm PSG declared in its letter that it would like to “obtain the City’s agreement with the extension of an access route and receive a construction permit,” and furthermore communicated that in connection with the completion of construction, it offers Hradec Králové an “investment in the city property, totalling 15 million crowns”.

In August 2016 the City Fathers received a letter from CTP Invest, in which that company claimed eight million euros’ worth of damages it reportedly sustained due to a rejectionist stance on the part of Hradec Králové. In its letter the firm invited the City to negotiate the method of compensating for these damages. Another “round” of negotiations on settling the dispute over a vast but illicit construction project is due to take place during a meeting of the Hradec Králové City Hall on 27 September 2016.

In light of the above-mentioned circumstances, the Anticorruption Endowment (NFPK) has filed a criminal complaint and asked the police to probe into a suspected criminal action.

The Anticorruption Endowment is a fully independent initiative by people radically unprepared to accept a high level of corruption in state administration. One of our goals is to help expose corruption in state administration and support projects exposing corruption.

Contact please: Linda Majerová, NFPK Director, e-mail: linda.majerova@nfpk.cz, Phone:: 734 315 353