3. října 2016 | News

Věra Ježková: Veřejná kontrola činnosti dozorčí rady ČEZ

Monday Comment

Public control ensues from the ČEZ company’s concealment in government of a profit exceeding 100 million tons of brown coal in the Důl Bílina mine since 2008, on the site of the defunct Libkovice municipality in North Bohemia, with an estimated value of 250 billion crowns at the expense of the government.

PROLOGUE: Libkovice was the last North Bohemian municipality to give way to coal mining. The village, founded in 1186, was levelled to the ground in 1992-1993 at variance with Government Resolution 444/1991 on territorial ecological limits to coalmining operations in spite of long but futile public protests. The church was torn down in 2002 as the last vestige of a once populated place.

THRILLER: In 2003, managers of the Severočeské doly a.s. Chomutov mining company presented documents to the Brown Coal Research Institute in Most, indicating the presence of an above-limits 92-110 million tons of coal in the Důl Bílina mine, in the perimeter of the former Libkovice municipality. Subsequently, in 2005, utilities company ČEZ acquired from the state a majority of the Severočeské doly shares. In order to build a 660 MW super critical block at the Lednice electric power station, it was necessary to ensure coal supplies from Důl Bílina at least until 2050. Prime Minister Topolánek’s cabinet duly issued Government Resolution 1176/2008, which exceeded original mining caps and enabled ČEZ to gain access to more than 100 million tons of coal in an extended mining area in the perimeter of the former village of Libkovice. However, ČEZ immediately concealed the gain!

Last year, however, the General Manager of ČEZ, Daniel Beneš, who is also chairman of the Severočeské doly board of supervisors, told the government that Důl Bílina Mine had enough coal to last only until 2030-2035. The government wrongly assumed that there is no coal left under the defunct Libkovice municipality. On the other hand it believed that a coal deposit of the same size is available in an area southwest of Mariánské Radčice, where extraction limits should be again exceeded. But the site includes a redeveloped Růžodolská Dump, which it took 30 years to build with financial support from the state as an environment-stabilizing and protective precaution.

EPILOGUE: Pro The mining administration cannot issue an extraction licence for coal which reportedly does not exist. The odds are, only illegal mining is feasible in former Libkovice, and that would ensure massive profits over many years for the parties concerned, at the expense of the state. When excavators reach the redeveloped Růžodolská Dump in about 15 years’ time, somebody will make the “revelation” that mining there makes no sense. By then, several governments will have come and gone and the responsible managers will have retired.

On 3 October 2016, four years passed since the general meeting of ČEZ but I am still waiting for a written explanation from the management, concerning these alarming facts. Therefore I opt for a public audit of the activities of the ČEZ supervisory board. All its members: Chairman - Prof. RNDr. Václav Pačes, DrSc, Dr.h.c., Deputy Chairman and Deputy Minister of Finance: Mgr. Ondřej Landa, Members: JUDr. Zdeněk Černý, Vladimír Hronek, Ing. Vladimír Kohout, Radek Mucha, Jiří Novotný, Šárka Vinklerová, Drahoslav Šimek, Mgr. Robert Šťastný, Ing. František Vágner, Petr Polák, MBA, received the above information on 21 September 2016, attached to my request to be heard by the ČEZ supervisory board, so I can present original documents to underscore the findings to which I alerted the government and ČEZ way back in 2015.

The method of concealing coal reserves in a section of the Důl Bílina extraction area is described and authenticated HERE (in Czech only)

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Czech Police have launched an investigation in spring 2016.

What about calling an extraordinary General Meeting and invite the High Public Prosecutor to the proceedings? 

Věra Ježková - ČEZ shareholder