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15. února 2012 | Press Conferences

Krádež více než 100 milionů korun?

The contract on a safety system for the Prague Public Transport company was constructed to siphon off around 100 million CZK from the customer. A pivotal role is played by AUMUXALO CORPORATION LIMITED, which was purposefully involved in the transaction and represented by David Michal from Šachta & Partners, Attorneys in the Law, who works for lobbyist Ivo Rittig.

The public contract on a “Comprehensive Safety System for Prague Public Transport, a.s.” (DPP), published in the Commercial Bulletin on 11 June 2008 (DPP) was originally awarded to a consortium of firms Saab Czech s.r.o. and AŽD Praha s.r.o. (AŽD).  However, AŽD in March 2009 entered into a work contract with the firm AMUXALO CORPORATION LIMITED, which should have been subcontractor to AŽD and received a premium of about 100 million crowns. On the same date AMUXALO CORPORATION LIMITED “resold” the contract for 30 million CZK to the firm Balkan-SAST EOOD, fully owned by the company AŽD. The circle is full and 70 million crowns linger in the vacuum, or rather on the bank account of AMUXALO CORPORATION LIMITED.

The Anticorruption Endowment highlights the case to document one of the models of asset-stripping in the Prague Public Transport Company.

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